Bright Hope School: Korah, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

As a team of Bright Hope School partners, we have made wonderful progress since last fall on the self sustaining mini-farm project at the school. The water well is flowing, the hatchery is almost ready for chickens, the gardens have been planted and the protective wall is nearly half done. Every month I have been sending to Ethiopia all the donations designated for Bright Hope and that has kept the project ticking along.  But in July, work slowed to a trickle as donations for the project have lessened over the past two months. So in order that Tefera (project coordinator) can call workers back to the work site, today I wired around $6000.00 in undesignated gifts. I had to do this, because it is important that we keep the Bright Hope project moving forward.

We are almost to the finish line but there’s still work to be done.

If your church group or organization has collected additional donations for the Bright Hope Project, this is an excellent time to submit them.

If as an individual, you feel you would like to give more to the kids of Bright Hope; your donation will help push us to that finish line.

Thank you for having such a heart

Two kids walking the main street in the Korah community
Two kids walking the main street in the Korah community

for the children who will benefit from this completed project. At a little less than $50,000 from our goal, we can soon start planning for other projects to help the people of the Korah community.

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